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As an important tool for drug screening, compound library determines the speed and quality of small molecule drug development. MedChemExpress (MCE) can provide more than 200 compound libraries, including bioactive compound libraries, natural product compound libraries, fragment libraries, drug diversity libraries and virtual screening database, with a total of about 26 million compounds. These high-quality compound libraries can be used for high-throughput screening (HTS), high-content screening (HCS) and virtual screening (VS). These libraries are specialized tools for drug discovery and new indications.
Virtual screening (VS) is a computational technique used to search libraries of small molecules in order to identify those structures which are most likely to bind to a drug target. Nowadays, it has become a crucial step in early-stage drug discovery owing to its unique advantages over experimental high throughput screening (HTS): drug target-relevant, competitive price and efficient.
MedChemExpress (MCE) compound screening platform supplies a variety of target and phenotypic screening services, including virtual screening, affinity mass spectrometry screening (AS-MS), targeted screening (GPCR/Kinase/Ion Channel), cell-based compound screening, DNA-encoded compound library (DEL) customized service and screening, structural optimization and analysis services. We are committed to continuously develop and improve our platform capabilities, creating a one-stop drug discovery service platform suitable for scientific research, and giving infinite possibilities to innovation.
Lead compounds are new compounds with certain activity that are screened from candidate compounds. The lead compounds initially screened may have some problems that are not sufficient for patent medicine. Therefore, in order to obtain compounds with high safety, high stability and good pharmacokinetics, it is necessary to optimize and improve the lead compounds.
MedChemExpress (MCE) offers high quality equipment and consumables for screening experiments, including 96-well storage plate, adhesive aluminium foil plate seal, 8-channel handheld screw cap decapper and so on, which provide convenience for customers' experiments!
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Early in my graduate school experience, the chair of the department, Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, gave me a model of mentorship. At first, she was a kind but distant figure—her expertise was not in my planned area of research, and everything was going smoothly for me, so I doubted she even knew I existed.

Nature.2022 Sep;609(7928):829-834.

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Nowadays, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the research and development of new drugs still have many problems such as high loss, high cost and long research period. Therefore, the global pharmaceutical industry is still facing many challenges.
Throughout history, natural products have been a valuable source of biologically active compounds. According to statistics, nearly 2/3 of all drugs on the market from 1981 to 2019 are related to natural products in some degree.
Traditional drug development is mainly through random screening from natural active products or existing compound libraries, which is inefficient and blind. With the continuous development of medicinal chemistry, high-throughput screening, virtual screening, structure-based drug design and development and other methods have emerged in order to improve the efficiency of new drug development.
Signal transduction participates in all life activities of cells and has the functions of regulating cell proliferation, metabolism, defense and adaptation. Abnormal cellular signaling is the molecular basis for the occurrence and development of all diseases.

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