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Kinase Screening Service

Kinases are critical in metabolism, cell signalling, protein regulation, cellular transport, secretory processes and many other cellular pathways, which makes them key regulators of cell function. The malfunction of kinases causes a variety of human diseases. Therefore, kinases represent a class of attractive drug targets. However, the highly conserved structure of eukaryotic kinases (especially the catalytic domain) has brought great challenges to the development of highly selective kinase inhibitors. Broad profiling, for many, has become a requirement of new kinase inhibitor programs for better understanding structure/activity relationships.

MedChemExpress (MCE) can provide high-quality and comprehensive kinase assay panel. High-quality data on the binding affinity/activity difference between compounds and kinases can evaluate the target selectivity of compounds.

Key Features

A long list of kinases

400+ kinases, including AGC, CAMK,
common mutants

Flexible and customizable kinase panel

Characteristic TK, CDK kinase profiles,
60/207/302 kinase panels and customized
kinase panels

Various detection

TR-FRET (LANCE Ultra, LathaScreen,
HTRF), fluorescence method (Kinase-Glo,
ADP-Glo), Z`-LYTE, binding assay
Rapid data
As short as one week
Accurate detection
Functional screening, accurate kinase activity

Online Consulting

The corresponding scheme and price for Kinase Screening Service shall be determined after evaluation. For further information on service pricing or technical details, please email sales@MedChemExpress.com or contact MedChemExpress (MCE) sales staff directly.

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