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  2. ABI1 - abl interactor 1 Gene

ABI1 - abl interactor 1 Gene

Homo sapiens

Also known as E3B1; ABI-1; ABLBP4; NAP1BP; SSH3BP; SSH3BP1

Gene ID: 10006 | Gene type: protein coding

About ABI1

Cytogenetic location: 10p12.1 Genomic coordinates (GRCh38): 10:26,746,596-26,860,958 (from NCBI)

This gene has 13 transcripts (splice variants), 292 orthologues, 2 paralogues and is associated with 62 phenotypes. Ubiquitous expression in bone marrow (RPKM 23.2), esophagus (RPKM 19.6) and 25 other tissues.


This gene encodes a member of the Abelson-interactor family of adaptor proteins. These proteins facilitate signal transduction as components of several multiprotein complexes, and regulate actin polymerization and cytoskeletal remodeling through interactions with Abelson tyrosine kinases. The encoded protein plays a role in macropinocytosis as a component of the WAVE2 complex, and also forms a complex with EPS8 and SOS1 that mediates signal transduction from Ras to Rac. This gene may play a role in the progression of several malignancies including melanoma, colon Cancer and breast Cancer, and a t(10;11) chromosomal translocation involving this gene and the MLL gene has been associated with acute myeloid leukemia. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene, and a pseudogene of this gene is located on the long arm of chromosome 14. [provided by RefSeq, Sep 2011]

ABI1 Products(19)

mRNA Protein Name
NM_001012750.3 NP_001012768.1 abl interactor 1 isoform b
NM_001012751.3 NP_001012769.1 abl interactor 1 isoform c
NM_001012752.3 NP_001012770.1 abl interactor 1 isoform d
NM_001178116.2 NP_001171587.1 abl interactor 1 isoform e
NM_001178119.2 NP_001171590.1 abl interactor 1 isoform f
NM_001178120.2 NP_001171591.1 abl interactor 1 isoform g
NM_001178121.2 NP_001171592.1 abl interactor 1 isoform h
NM_001178122.2 NP_001171593.1 abl interactor 1 isoform i
NM_001178123.2 NP_001171594.1 abl interactor 1 isoform j
NM_001178124.2 NP_001171595.1 abl interactor 1 isoform k
NM_001178125.2 NP_001171596.1 abl interactor 1 isoform l
NM_001348029.2 NP_001334958.1 abl interactor 1 isoform m
NM_001348030.2 NP_001334959.1 abl interactor 1 isoform n
NM_001348031.2 NP_001334960.1 abl interactor 1 isoform o
NM_001348032.2 NP_001334961.1 abl interactor 1 isoform p
NM_001348033.2 NP_001334962.1 abl interactor 1 isoform q
NM_001348034.2 NP_001334963.1 abl interactor 1 isoform r
NM_001410909.1 NP_001397838.1 abl interactor 1 isoform s
NM_005470.4 NP_005461.2 abl interactor 1 isoform a

ABI1 Protein Structure


Abi_HHR: Abl-interactor HHR (93 - 171)


SH3_1: SH3 domain (452 - 496)

  • 0
  • 100
  • 200
  • 300
  • 400
  • 508 a.a.
Protein Preferred Names Protein Names

abl interactor 1

Abelson interactor 1

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Orthologs Information

Species Symbol Source ID
Macaca mulatta ABI1 VGNC VGNC:69377
Canis familiaris ABI1 VGNC VGNC:37474
Felis catus ABI1 VGNC VGNC:83485
Rattus norvegicus ABI1 RGD RGD:621008
Mus musculus ABI1 MGD MGI:104913
Bos taurus ABI1 VGNC VGNC:25505
Others ABI1 NCBI