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  • HY-N2552

    Others Infection
    Vitamin K5 (hydrochloride) is a naphthoquinones compound, shows trichomonacidal activity in vitro. Vitamin K5(hydrochloride) can be used for the research of anti-infection .
    Vitamin K5 hydrochloride
  • HY-B1814

    Synkamin; Synkamin base

    Pyruvate Kinase Bacterial Fungal Infection Cancer
    Vitamin K5 (Synkamin) is a photosensitizer and a antimicrobial agent. Vitamin K5 is a specific PKM2 inhibitor with IC50 values of 28, 191 and 120 μM for PKM2, PKM1 and PKL. Vitamin K5 induces apoptosis of colon 26 cells. Vitamin K5 can be used for the research of infection and cancer, and it also can be used as a preservative for pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages .
    Vitamin K5

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